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Paul Dayton and wine barrel furniture

Paul Dayton with first wine barrel chair design
Paul Dayton grew up in the heart of California’s, San Joaquin Valley surrounded by lush farms and plenty of room to explore. As a child, any grand playtime adventure required plenty of creativity and resourcefulness. Paul developed a deep appreciation for the beauty of the nature that surrounded him and created his play land with the “found art” that was everywhere. Within easy access was the ocean, mountains, streams and lakes. Natures beauty was everywhere for eyes that had awareness.

Paul’s mother had been a teacher and introduced him at an early age to various art media’s and encouraged his artistic endeavors. His father was a master craftsman and gave him unending opportunities to learn and work with all types of materials, methods and tools.

From grade school through college, Paul was always involved with art. His formal education includes a BA in Fine and graduate studies in France. The year of studies in France and his continuing travels have opened up the world as his playground and a source for inspiration.

Paul strives to maintain the freedom of a child’s eye in his creations.  Any medium is fair game, but recently the use of recycled wine barrel materials and driftwood has been the focus for his creative play.

Building functional art is a combination of years of manufacturing experience and a fine art background.

Paul believes that we should each be protecting the world any way we can. By salvaging materials and building with quality that lasts, the net gain is doubled.   

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